My vision for the future of St. Anthony is to create a more inclusive and welcoming community – one where all Villagers and visitors feel they belong. The fabric of our community is evolving and we must ensure we are examining the needs of all residents. Specific issues of concern to me are:

Transparency & Accountability

St. Anthony must have a more open and accountable government. Our current government does not adequately inform and engage its residents in a manner that addresses our changing community. If elected, I will hold more public meetings on issues, so input can be gathered. Residents deserve focused attention on solutions and progress updates from elected officials.


Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is at crisis level in our metro area, including St. Anthony. If elected, I will find ways to preserve the affordable housing already in St. Anthony while looking forward to the construction of new, quality affordable housing. Affordable housing is an essential part of a healthy community.


Tax Relief

St. Anthony has some of the highest property taxes in the metro area. If elected, I will carefully review our budget and assess any other available strategies for relief. This includes facilitating meaningful community conversations into our budgeting process.



St. Anthony is already very forward thinking when it comes to sustainability. If elected, I will continue to push our city to further develop sustainability goals that promote reducing our carbon footprint.



DFL - Senate District 41

Stonewall DFL

Women Winning

OutFront Minnesota


Senator Carolyn Laine