The issues of concern to me in St. Anthony include: 

·        Affordable Housing: I will continue to raise awareness around the need to keep affordable housing in St. Anthony. Now that Lowry Grove is closed, affordable housing options are limited or nonexistent in our community.


·        Accountability in Policing: I will continue to bring attention to the Department of Justice audit review of the St. Anthony Police Department. I believe that this assessment – along with our city fully embracing the DOJ’s eventual recommendations – is crucial in boosting the effectiveness and credibility of our police department. I want our police department to succeed in these reform measures so that it is once again a valued and respected police department, both within St. Anthony and among metro policing peers. My goal is for our police department to become a statewide, if not a nationwide, model for modern policing practices through the successful implementation of the DOJ's recommendations. 


·        Transportation Infrastructure: I’d like to bring focus to the ways in which our transportation infrastructure can continue to improve and dynamically interact with the metro around us. I will work to ensure safe roads, safe walking and biking solutions for our community, and solid and safe transportation connections to the communities surrounding St. Anthony.


·        Commercial Development: The old Walmart on Silver Lake Road has been empty for too many years. I would like to focus on this space and bringing more vibrancy to all commercial spaces within St. Anthony. While a number of factors have been responsible for the Walmart lying vacant, there should be (and should have been) a more concerted effort on the part of the city to find responsible and appropriate development when a large commercial space such as that goes empty.