Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Villagers, 


St. Anthony Village needs a strong mayor who can lead with empathy and actively bring the community into the decision-making process. With these things in mind, I am excited to officially announce my candidacy for Mayor of St. Anthony Village.


Since 2014, I have lived in St. Anthony with my wife Jenifer and my daughter Mia, a 7th grader at St. Anthony Middle School (the youngest of four). I grew up in Arizona, and lived in Washington State for 8 years before moving to Minnesota. I worked as an immigration and family law attorney in these three states where I fought on behalf of people seeking to follow the law, achieve justice, and determine their own version of the American Dream.


I strongly believe in civic engagement and have participated in local government everywhere I have lived. The tragic death of Philando Castile in 2016 spurred me to action in St. Anthony, along with many of my fellow neighbors. Since his death, I have been involved in many community initiatives working to improve St. Anthony and foster greater community involvement in city governance.


If elected, I will push for transparency, accessibility, and accountability in local government. I will champion goals and actions that help our community maintain and increase affordable housing options. I will promote and further commercial development. Above all, I will always actively and intentionally support grassroots community efforts focused on sustainability, equity, and social justice. 


As mayor, I will always strive for a more responsive city government and advocate for the residents of St. Anthony. Please consider a donation or signing up as a volunteer. Join me in promoting a more open and equitable St. Anthony Village.



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